About US

A Growing Venture

Silver Drone or formally known as Dronum Argentum (therefore, the name of our flagship product, DrAg2xx) first got involved in the FPV Racing mini multicopter industry by building mini quadcopters such as ZMR250, Emax250 or Nighthawk250 for Singapore customers on Carousell. Through continuous support from our customers, we now decide to work directly with OEM manufacturers to design and manufacture our own frame concept, which mainly focus on quality, reliability and local supports.


About DrAg


DrAg was registered as a trademark for our products. It is also a quality benchmark of the high standards that we hold towards our products and also an assurance to our stakeholders. The name DrAg is derived directly from SilverDrone in Latin language, Dronum Argentum.

But why SilverDrone, why Silver?

In common sense, silver is usually known as the second most precious material, beside gold. However, in engineering field, silver is regarded as the most efficient material for various applications. Silver is symbolized as engineers-effective is not always expensive. Therefore, by adopting the name SilverDrone, we are committed not to be fancy, but effective; not to be luxurous, but efficient; and not to be the best, but the better!


Our Core Values. Support. Quality. Reliablity.


SilverDrone has 3 core values. 

Support. For a hobby like FPV Racing, breaking parts is not uncommon and being grounded for a week or two just to wait for a part to be shipped from overseas is a real pain. Therefore, SilverDrone aims to provide as much localized support as possible, from our local store to our modular frame design.

Quality. Starting a hobby, investing several hundreds of dollars to buy parts from overseas and then realize that the parts are not genuine carbonfiber? This is a very familiar story to most new FPV beginners out there. At SilverDrone, we are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality frame, full light and strong Titanium hardware and continuously introduce new innovative technologies such as Trigon 3K carbonfiber for even more durability.

Reliability. Having a best racing frame is not as important as having a strongest racing frame. Our DrAg frames are designed to be suitable for both. By swapping parts out or including parts in, you, as a racer can determine whether you need a fast DrAg to win Nationals or a strong DrAg to practice your flying skills. Regardless, you still own a modular DraG to swap out and replace components ON THE FIELD!


By joining SilverDrone family, you are not only purchasing a mini quad frame like any other frames, but also adopting future-proof engineering solution for FPV flying. SilverDrone promises to always provide its product with the latest technology so that your DrAg is and will always be with the most up-to-date mini racing quadcopter.


Happy FPVing,

Team SilverDrone